Halifax Walking Trail

Process of Creating Change

Historic Halifax, NC has been home to the Halifax Resolve, the Musselman House, and the Sears and Roebuck House. Now there is new addition to the local attractions. The Historic Halifax Walking Route officially opened May 1, 2004, and residents and visitors can take a stroll through time as they venture along the newly opened route.

The increasing rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in Halifax County, combined with a lack of physical activity opportunities, motivated the Health Promotion staff to take action. The Health Promotion Coordinator initiated the walking route project to provide an opportunity for Halifax residents to take action against chronic disease.

Community Partnership

The process began with mapping a potential walking route through the business and historic districts of the community. The route was then proposed to the Halifax Town Council, who supported its development and made recommendations for the route signage. The Health Promotion staff also partnered with the Historical Society to use the trail as a means to promote the historical sites in the community. The signs were designed to reflect the historic nature of the town of Halifax. The Department of Transportation assisted in posting the signage along the route on pre-existing posts, which reduced project costs.

The Halifax County Library provided information about the historic sites along the route. This information, along with physical activity tips, is included in the brochure used to market the trail. These brochures are distributed through various business locations in the area.