History & Future Plans

Our History

The 4-H Rural Life Center was originally built by Halifax County in 1923 to be used as the County Home. In the mid 1950's, it was changed to a rest home where it remained in use until the early 1970's. Once the rest home closed, the center remained vacant until the early  to mid 1980's when the Cooperative Extension Service decided to make it their 4-H Camp. After much work and renovation, it is today the 4-H Rural Life Center.

Long Range Plan

The 4-H Rural Life Center has developed a long range plan for the use and design of the whole 345-acre facility. With the addition of each new phase, the center will become a great place to experience rural life in Halifax County in the 1900s. Youth and adults alike will be able to experience the rich history that makes Halifax County home.

Historic Map of the 4-H Rural Life Center