About Halifax County


Halifax County is full of opportunities for our citizens and our visitors. Our goal is to provide and enhance quality programs, services, and facilities that reflect the needs of the community while always promoting health, safety, public welfare, and quality of life for our citizens.


Location & Business Culture

Established in 1758, Halifax County is in northeastern/north-central North Carolina approximately 8 miles from the Virginia border. Located in the Roanoke River and Tar-Pamlico River basins, it is one of the largest geographical counties in North Carolina, encompassing an area of approximately 722 square miles with a population of about 55,000 residents. 

During its more than 240 years of existence, Halifax County has become a premier location for its quality of life and convenient access to a variety of recreational activities. Halifax County has evolved into a center for arts, culture, education, business and tourism. Principle industries include manufacturing, hospitality, health care, education and agricultural/wood products. 

Government Type

Halifax County has a Council/Manager form of government with about 550 full-time employees in 19 departments and an operating budget of over $37 million.