Legal Department

Who Is Represented

The Legal Department, consisting of the County Attorney and a Certified Paralegal, provides legal representation to the: 

  • Board of Commissioners
  • County Manager
  • Department of Health
  • Departments supervised by the County Manager
  • Sheriff

Duties & Responsibilities

The County Attorney's Office only represents Halifax County, its agencies, officials and employees, on matters of public business, and does not provide legal advice to citizens on private matters.

The legal representation consists of legal opinions to the Board of Commissioners on substantive and procedural issues pertaining to their public duties as elected officials. Furthermore, the representation extends to the County Manager in order to:

  • Ensure the legality of Halifax County's contracts, financing arrangements, employment policies, etc.
  • Defend the County in the courts
  • Conduct tax foreclosures

Finally, the representation embraces various legal questions presented by the Department Heads, Sheriff, and Director of Health.