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Request To Appear Before the Halifax County Board of Commissioners

  1. State of North Carolina Halifax County Seal

  2. State of North Carolina County of Halifax

    Board of County Commissioners
    Historic Courthouse ~ PO Box 38 ~ King Street ~ Halifax, NC 27839
    252-583-1131 ~ Fax: 252-583-9921

  3. Request to Appear Before the Halifax County Board of Commissioners

    It is the goal of the Board of Commissioners to conduct effective meetings and to make informed decisions. Individuals requesting to appear before the Board of Commissioners must submit their request in writing to the Clerk to the Board two weeks prior to the meeting date. This form must indicate the item of discussion along with pertinent materials for review.

  4. The mission of the Halifax County Board of Commissioners is to provide leadership and support for an Effective county government that seeks to enhance the quality of life for the people of Halifax County.

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