Public Utilities

About the Department

The Public Utilities Department is divided into the Water/Wastewater Division and the Solid Waste Division. With the exception of administrative staff, each division has separate staff and budget and operates independently from the other.

Water/Wastewater Division

The Water/Wastewater Division is responsible for providing safe drinking water to approximately 17,000 rural county residents and the collection and disposal of wastewater from approximately 1,000 rural residents. Obviously, the water distribution system is much larger than the wastewater collection system. Water and wastewater rates are adjusted annually to ensure funds are available for repayment of debt and for daily operations and maintenance.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for collection and disposal of household garbage for approximately 31,200 rural county residents. This is currently being done through a contract with Unity of the Carolinas. One county-owned, centrally located landfill and 7 convenience sites are available to county residents free of charge. Operation and maintenance costs are paid via an annual collection and disposal fee charged to each rural household and tipping fees charged to commercial clients at the landfill and the county's transfer station.

Regular Trash Collection

Residential trash collection will run on regular schedule for all holidays except Christmas and New Year’s. Details on this collection schedule will be posted closer to those holidays. 

PSA- Residential Trash Collection

Attention Halifax County residents who have their household waste and recyclables collected by Unity of the Carolinas in the black top and orange top green roll-out carts.  As of July 1, 2018, Unity of the Carolinas will begin picking up recyclables every week instead of every other week. Your trash collection day will remain the same, and your recycle cart will be emptied the same day as your trash cart. The time of day your carts are emptied may change. Customers are reminded to have both carts (trash and recycling) out for pick-up by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick up day. If you need additional information about recycling or trash collection, please call Unity of the Carolinas at 252-536-2582 or Halifax County Public Utilities-Solid Waste Division at 252-583-1807.”