Department Services


Casework services to assist children to legally become a member of a new permanent family, as well as recruitment and study of adoptive homes.

Adult Daycare Services

Assistance in the arrangement and purchase of quality daycare in order to:

  • Support the adult’s personal independence
  • Promote their social, physical, and emotional well-being
  • Recruitment, monitoring, and re-evaluating certified programs
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance

Adult Protective Services

Services include investigations of alleged abuse, neglect, exploitation, or hazardous living conditions of individuals 18 years of age or older; and necessary to ensure the protection of those unable to manage their own resources, carry out daily activities, or protect their own interest.

Child Daycare Services

The purchase of quality day care services to allow parents to continue employment, to seek employment, to train for employment, and to protect neglected and abused children.

Child Protective Services

The investigation of reports of alleged neglect and/or abuse of children under 18 years of age; the provision of casework services to remove conditions which put the child in danger; or services to facilitate the removal of the child from a harmful situation.

Child Support Enforcement Services

Establishes and enforces financial and medical support obligations on parents who are absent from the home.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Crisis Intervention Program 

The program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income persons who are experiencing a heating or cooling related crisis.

WFFA Emergency Assistance 

WFFA Emergency Assistant provides short-term financial assistance to households with needy children who are experiencing a crisis, not related to heating or cooling.

County General Assistance

Financial assistance provided to persons who are in need of immediate help and no other resources are available.

Eye Care Program

Assistance with the cost of eye examination, treatment, eyeglasses, ocular prosthesis, hospitalization, and surgery.

Food Stamp Program

Supplements the food dollars of low-income families and individuals and enables participants to purchase more nutritious food.

Foster Care for Adults

Services that ensure placement appropriate to the individual’s needs when they are unable to remain in their own homes; and the recruitment, assessment, monitoring, and supervision of domiciliary care homes.

Foster Care for Children

Services to children and their families to facilitate out-of-home care and for reunification, recruitment of volunteers to serve as foster parents, preparation of home studies, supervision of children in care, and the training and supervision of foster homes.

Guardianship Services

Services to legally declared incompetent adults.

Health Support Services

Services to individuals and families to help them recognize health needs and to receive appropriate treatment. Included are family planning services to enable individuals and families to voluntarily limit the number and spacing of children.

In-Home Services

Home based services provided to the elderly/disabled to enable them to remain in the community and in their own homes with dignity and independence to the greatest extent possible.

In-Home Aide Level I and Level II supportive and educational services to the elderly; including money, management, planning and preparing nutritious meals, assistance in shopping, and performing some housekeeping duties.

In-Home Aide Level I and II assistance provided in the home for elderly, disabled, and handicapped individuals who no longer can perform necessary home management and personal care tasks and are at risk of institutionalization.

Individual & Family Adjustment Services

Casework counseling and intervention services to assist individuals and families in stabilizing their environment and in maintaining an adequate level of functioning.

Investigation & Collection Services

Investigates suspected welfare fraud and ensures recovery of public assistance over payments.

Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP)

Financial assistance given one time during the year to help with the cost of heating.

Medical Assistance Only (MA)

If you choose to submit your application, renewal,  or verifications required for recertification by email please use the following email address:  In order to process your application, renewal, or verifications required for recertification it must be submitted to the above email address.  If it is submitted to any other Halifax County email address, it will not be processed.

Medical Assistance for families with dependent children under 19, individuals through age 20, pregnant women, disabled individuals under 65, individuals 65 and older, individuals visually impaired; children in substitute placement, qualified Medicare beneficiaries, individuals in private living arrangements, and individuals in nursing homes.

Protective Payee Account

Management of accounts for children and adults for whom the agency has been appointed payee.

Reception Services: On-site

Individuals visiting the agency are registered, screened, and directed to the appropriate program.

State County Special Assistance (SA)

Financial and medical assistance for individuals 18 and over, who reside in domiciliary care facilities.

Work First Employment Services

The Work First Program provides WFFA recipients the opportunity to obtain the education, training, and supportive services necessary to improve employment readiness and avoid long-term dependency.

Work First Family Assistance (WFFA)

Financial and Medical Assistance to families with children deprived of parental support, with monthly payment based on needs and resources.